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ALZA is an off-chain technology powered infrastructure for high-frequency and micropayments applications. Aonomy Icon AUTHORIZATION ONLY TRANSACTION PROCESSING Off-chain payment fields authorize an amount between nodes but the transaction item does not settle until a later time. This allows instant transactions processing within the fields and automatically reconcile across all participants. Aonomy Icon PRIVACY All transactions details will be encoded within payment fields before sync back to the supernode, which will prevent highly sensitive information (eg. PII data) leaked to the public. Aonomy Icon SCALABILITY Pushing the transaction process to the off-chain payment fields allows us to increase transaction volume by establishing more payment fields proportionally. Therefore, the decentralized network's processing limit does not apply. Aonomy Icon STORAGE-RAFI RaFi (Redundant Array of Satellite Infrastructure) is a distributed self-replicating storage system that provides data storage for DApps deployed on ALZA blockchain.