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As a shared open platform in the field of AR/VR, the spectrum global electronic virtual community will be used to connect with various AR/VR open source technologies, applications and communities, and cooperate strategically with AR/VR open organization to realize the interaction between large files and chains through Bopo block chain technology. The Spectral Global Electronic Block chain platform will support heavy applications in complex VR/AR scenarios. In the future, we will connect virtual space through VR/AR technology, reduce all objects in reality, so that everyone can immerse themselves in the virtual world and do anything in the virtual world ,can create countless parallel spaces,can enjoy countless interesting memories tautologically.Virtual world with higher energy efficiency, free from the constraints of time and space, eventually usher in the full release of creativity and imagination. The global electronic virtual community has an exclusive payment channel, and spectral coins will be used as the circulating digital currency of the global virtual electronic community, allowing users to purchase VR/AR applications and content directly with Bopocoin. To achieve point-to-point value transmission within the AR/VR ecosystem.