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The Caribbean digital finance and free trade system was initiated by the Caribbean Free Trade Zone. Through the establishment of blockchain-based payment facilities, digital financial infrastructure, and blockchain international trade platforms, digital financial compliance permits are provided to attract various blockchain industries. Let the Caribbean become a new era of global digital financial centers and free trade hubs, creating new economic growth points for the Caribbean. Caribbean Digital Financial Infrastructure: - Caribbean Digital Financial Compliance License, the Caribbean Free Trade Zone is developing a Caribbean Blockchain Special Economic Zone, and through the provision of digital financial compliance licensing services for companies in the park, it will attract blockchain-related industries worldwide to settle in the Caribbean Free Trade Zone. - Blockchain cross-border payment system, the Caribbean Free Trade Zone establishes a blockchain-based cross-border payment system as a financial market infrastructure and is used by the Caribbean Free Trade Area’s official digital token as a payment medium in the payment system. Any individual or institution can pay directly to each other as long as they can link to the Internet.Without going through many intermediate links in the current payment system, the clearing and settlement procedures in financial transactions will be greatly simplified, making point-to-point cross-border payments possible. - Blockchain Digital Financial Services, the Caribbean Free Trade Zone based on the Caribbean blockchain infrastructure will provide digital financial services to companies , including financing investment, savings, credit, settlement, commercial insurance and financial information consulting.