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The CAM public chain is committed to building the strongest in-operation application ecosystem on the market and establishing the world's first industrial cluster with real blockchain applications in operation, including financial ecosystem, agricultural ecosystem, industrial ecosystem, governmental affairs ecosystem, charity ecosystem, and media ecosystem as well as sports industry ecosystem. Bodies that have reached a cooperation with us include the National Copyright Administration, Xiamen Bank, Ministry of Commerce 12312, Moutai Group, Wuliangye Group, China Green Benevolent Learning Lei Feng General Assembly, Hollywood Film Institute of USA, etc., as well as many large-scale, high-profile companies, institutions and organization. The CAM public chain adopts the DBFT consensus mechanism, with its throughput reaching 1000tps, which allows it to meet the demand for massive blockchain network resource calls for many applications. Currently, the CAM backbone network has been officially launched and is operating stably and we will continue to deepen the process of creating in-operation applications, continue to develop high-quality partners for blockchain applications in operation, and build valuable projects with numerous and real applications in operation!