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Dora is a video curation site focused on the Japan’s dynamic youth culture, where focused theme and trend attaining to the modern day teenage demography are collected and reviewed, curated and archived on a daily basis to be viewed by currently more than 2.5 million viewers on the Dora’s website, The platform began as a coaching tool for high school baseball clubs to review the scores and plays for future referencing, which by the way is taken very seriously in Japan. The notorious attention to detail can be credited for the emergence of players such as Matsui, Ichiro, Dervish, Otani, and other athletic greats. Other clubs quickly caught on and soon Dora was the portal where various other extra curricular communities, not just athletes, began to upload and monitor their topic of interest. Soon Dora emerged as the premier provider of segmented video content tailored to the explosive minds of the Japanese teen, further an innovative communication tool that fostered dialogue among each differing community with depth to a particular hobby or field of interest - The Otaku (or Geek) Subculture. The daily curation of the videos, whether updated by the user or searched on the web is done by highly versed and charismatic individuals, or “gods” pertaining to each subject segment. Videos that highlight such topics as manga, plastic figures, games, neo-animation, animators, are especially viewed in high frequencies.