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Fei Coin the digital wallet developed by the US global small aircraft foundation based on block chaining technology can be transferred or paid like WeChat Alipay UnionPay card. Compared with other payment tools, Fei Coin has the world's leading wallet function and security. The Global Small Aircraft Foundation of the United States, originated in 1976, is a comprehensive service organization for global investment and construction of new small aircraft industries. The main areas of investment are small aircraft manufacturing, small aircraft engine technology research and development, small aircraft Airport construction, small aircraft trusteeship, small aircraft airshow, small aircraft air tour, small aircraft pilot school, small aircraft association, small aircraft duplicate flight, used small aircraft trading, small aircraft oil reserve production and so on. Business involves countries such as the United States, Germany, Australia, France, Canada, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic, China, South Korea, Japan and other small aircraft developed countries, the current issue of small aircraft passes (Fei Coin) will be fully circulated in all areas of small aircraft. China Small Aircraft Club (Hong Kong) Limited and Flying Artifact DAPP is the first batch of partners and communication platforms in Asia.