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"Fightbackcoin token is a utility token. We are Community Driven, Inspired and Designed. Our grand design is to add value to our token right out of the gate. We have done that. Until now there was no safe harbor in crypto. It was and still is in many factions, the Wild Wild West of profit and scammers getting away with good folks’ money, not anymore. These safety measures include: Systems accessible to law enforcement with international reach. FBC has succeeded in this regard to give you, the investor, the safety and value so vital in crypto by joining with BIG. Blockchain Intelligence Group. Bitrank Verified: Transaction risk score that helps us meet regulatory compliance. Crypto Investigative services. FBC now has access to high tech software from BIG to alert exchanges to freeze fraudulent funds transactions. Click on the play button to learn more about how to stay safe online when dealing with cryptocurrencies. "