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Create a new platform for game service sharing - Game continent, making full use of the unique advantages of blockchain technology and digital currency, fully integrates the original distribution, payment and download channels of the game industry, simplifies and reconstructs the old ecology, reduces marketing costs, and eliminates high commissions. Subversion and refactoring, existing transaction structures and reshaping existing market roles. It really allows developers to make sustainable profits, and then put the benefits into the game experience and quality improvement. Create secure transactions - Game continent, a service sharing platform, is based on the sharing spirit of the blockchain. The game virtual asset transaction fee is free, which lowers the game player's trading threshold and obtains a better trading experience. The platform provides a one-stop solution path for all kinds of virtual equipment transactions of all games on the platform through blockchain technology, thereby achieving a series of problems such as difficult transaction execution and disputes. In order to allow game developers to quickly access the blockchain, GCC provides developers with SDK and SDK for Android and iOS. Provide decentralized account management, share rewards,payment interface and wallet features. The main body of GCCSDK is a lightweight blockchain client. Game developers can develop GCC-compatible games in the familiar programming language through the API. And through the decentralized account management service and payment interface, one-click login across the game and accept the cryptocurrency (GCC currency) as a means of payment.