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HILET’s decentralized wholechain tokens aim to allow users to utilize and manage cryptocurrency safely and conveniently. It offers basic functions such as balance check, currency issuance, currency collection, IFO inquiry, token factory, and other DApp related functions. HILET plans to synchronize with around 40 exchanges worldwide to provide an XRO (Exchange Rate Optimization) function that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency as effectively as possible in real-time. This will be linked with HILET to minimize losses and quickly exchange cryptocurrency and tokens for the user, and it will also protect the users’ assets against unforeseen circumstances and resulting losses. On the other hand, if the user wants to exchange cryptocurrency and tokens manually, the user can personalize notification settings for market value prices. At the same time, HILET provides users with an exchange function to efficiently move assets, and an exclusive, secure, centralized HILET system will be used to manage assets. This allows users to reduce their concerns regarding legal issues and cryptocurrency exchange.