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HNTC is a digital asset issued by Carbon Emission Allowances Foundation Limited.The HNTC Energy Distributed Trust Network is a multi-chain, multi-system blockchain protocol network. Supporting government agencies, regulatory agencies, financial institutions, certified companies, energy consumption and carbon emissions companies, voluntary emission reduction companies and other fields, as participants in the trust network. Establish a systematic and streamlined trust ecology based on authentication information and transaction information as the basic information, and provide underlying technical support for effective coordination of trust sources, interconnection and exchange of data sources, and distributed exchange. The HNTC Energy Distributed Trust Network provides a complete distributed ledger system, a complete smart contract system, and a security system, abstracting the complex underlying blockchain network, making the entire network a carbon certification, carbon trading, and renewable energy exchange. Decentralized service platform. The HNTC Foundation has established strategic cooperation with China Hannon Carbon and the Ministry of Environment of Korea, and will take the lead in launching block chain carbon emission reduction projects in China and Korea.