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Lambda is a safe, reliable and infinitely expanding decentralized storage network, whose mission is to build a storage infrastructure for the new generation of the Internet and provide with infinitely extensible data storage capacity. Inside Lambda network, decentralized data storage, data integrity, security verification and storage space trading can be realized easily. In terms of technology, Lambda has realized and published the PoST space-time proof for the first time in the world. It has innovatively introduced the VRF+BFT consensus algorithm into the Lambda consensus network, the operational efficiency and reliability of the network are thus ensured, and numerous technical breakthroughs such as data integrity proof, multi-chain data collaborative storage, and cross-chain data management are realized, striving for the great vision of "Return data value to data owners". LAMBS is the only digital representation for pledged storage space in the Lambda storage network. In the Lambda storage network, LAMBS can be used for storage mining, storage space trading and other important purposes, and is issued based on LAMB private sale allocations and rewards tokens from miners.