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Lemon Game is a pass community-based game distribution and trading platform based in Russia. Game developers can develop and launch blockchain games on the Lemon Game, while users around the world can play games together. In addition, they can download, purchase, recommend and evaluate games, as well as trade digital goods and participate in game mining here. Lemon Game is not only a game distribution and trading platform, but also a distributed high-quality player community. Lemon Game uses blockchain and pass to build a new game ecosystem, removing a large part of distribution and channel intermediaries, allowing game developers to directly target gamers, and motivating users to grow spontaneously through game mining. Lemon Game will reshuffle the game industry and the way how the industry stakeholders work together and share benefits, including gamers, developers, distributors and investors. Lemon Game provides game developers with a more reasonable profit share model, motivates them to produce quality games, and enables players around the world to realize their ultimate dream: play to earn.