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Logis is an international mutlimodal logistics application based on blockchain. It is capable of a noticeable simplification of the document circulation and exclusion of mediation. Logis is capable of ensuring transparency of transactions and leaving any attempts at illegal actions. The Logis Project proposes a logistics plan solution, in which the applications will be considered instantly, and multimodal transportation contracts will be concluded at the best prices. Using the Logis Cargo Application, cargo owners will be able to find carriers at the best prices for the services they provide. The purpose of the Logis Platform is to facilitate the interaction of cars and shipping. At the same time, a smart contract is envisaged to get rid of such negatives as legal costs, information barriers and trust. The key task of the project is the task of creating the most convenient, understandable and uncomplicated system that helps the interaction of carriers with cargo owners. Thanks to blockchain it is possible to track the goods at each of the stages of their transportation.