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Converted from the original color coin 1:1 to ERC20 token. Lottery Tickets (TIX) was developed by a team of well-known computer engineers in the United States, using the scrypt-jane algorithm, totaling 100 billion, and officially released on September 20, 2013 in cryptsy, and announced the source of the currency. The code supports the query of any block data, which fully guarantees the fairness and fairness of this currency. Lottery Tickets (TIX) has a wealth of experience in creating coins and networks. After the release of TIX, the team has been anonymously monitoring, maintaining code and network, and has strong technical support than any other developer and development team to maintain a solid and stable color. The operation and reputation. Lottery Tickets (TIX) is based on the concept of Bitcoin. It not only meets the requirements of decentralization, but also has better anonymity. It also supports tamper-proof real-time transactions and guarantees ordinary POW and master node services. At the same time, it will also benefit to establish and build a chain industry alliance with color currency as the circulation medium and value anchor, and use the “memory blockchain” as the underlying technology support, in which the “smart contract” will be paid on the physical retail payment economy. Maximize the use and bring better prospects to the practical application of the Lottery Tickets (TIX).