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LuxAlpa Chain is a new main Chain developed based on the underlying technology of DAG(directed acyclic graph), which is committed to creating a reliable intelligent contract programming platform and block Chain operating system. LuxAlpa project closely follows the technical concept of block chain 4.0, combines its own requirements and characteristics, and innovates the system capacity, horizontal expansion ability, consensus algorithm, transaction speed, security optimization and other aspects of DAG (directed acyclic graph) technology, and deploys a new generation of DAG block chain ledger system. LuxAlpa is a technical leap in terms of design concept and coding implementation, which provides reliable foundation support for commercial implementation of various "block chain". LAC industrial applications are not isolated, but are integrated with other key technologies, such as artificial intelligence, block chain, cloud computing, big data, biometrics, etc., to form the core advantage of LuxAlpa value IOT and create a high-performance and usable public chain.