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Methuselah is ready for tomorrow, today. The platform offers advanced Cryptocurrency functionality like Atomic Swap compatibility, SegWit, and Lighting Network Compatibility. Built on Bitcoin's 14.2 version, Methuselah is focused on delivering the functionality you expect today in a package that is ready for anything the future brings. We will maintain an active focus on the needs of our community and will introduce new features and functionality as they become necessary. PoW and Masternodes Coins are generated through Proof-of-Work and Masternodes. Both PoW and Masternodes provide important services to the network. Lightning Network Compatability The future is coming and Methuselah is ready. SAP is Lightning Network compatible and ready to be part of crypto's evolving ecosystem. Safe & Secure Masternode transaction validation and Lyra2REv2 PoW block hashing makes Methuselah safe and secure. Long Lasting Methuselah is designed with the future in mind. Lightning Network compatibility, SegWit, and Atomic Swap compatibility all look forward, not backwards.