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The NAM project is a project to combine artificial intelligence (AI) and block chain technology to bring about innovation in the medical system. The NAM Token team are currently looking into the enormous amount of problems of medical industry, and we aim to solve these problems by developing our proprietary AI service for medical industry.In particular A. Consulting bot using AI B. Diseases Prediction Model with machine learning C. Healthy food recommended by AI D. Next Generation Medical Record System Using Deep Learning and Block Chain E. The opening of the NAM AI clinic that can provide services including A to D With all these services,I will carry out execution of the above service with a concrete action plan.NAM AI clinic operated by our company aims at the cutting-edge clinic adopting our medical AI service technology.In this clinic, cutting-edge blood test and genome testing are performed. In addition, AI who acquired the most advanced academic papers all over the world makes it possible to determine all the disease risks of patients.Our clinic allows for disease risk estimation and health management using AI and is an advanced clinic that can not be imitated by other clinics.