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With Nevula,asset using blockchain technology or digital identity canbe digitalized, and the digital asset using smart contract can be managed by oneself. A“smart economy” can be realized in theprivacy focused distributed network. The tokenholder can usethe issued token as a casinochip, or exchange it tothe casino machine with the collected token. It becomes an protected asseton the blockchain, and assets around the casino industryand blockchainindustry among the ecosystem will be built. NEVULA tokennotonly can be used on online casinos, but also can be used on landbase casinos. NEVULA team hasalreadybuilds 8 countries casinospartners. There are 3 profitable enginesof NEVULA project. 1 is the casino exchange fee. 2nd is the revenue share from casino machines which we provide to casinos. 3rd is the investment profit from casinofield.