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RELAX Protocol (RLX) is short for REAL ESTATE LEASING ASSET EXCHANGE. The RELAX Protocol aims to build the next-gen blockchain cross-border real estate transaction and management all-in-one solution. Through its proprietary ERC-1201 protocol, lease ownership and agency relationships can be tokenised as Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be transferred and traded, breaking the current barriers to cross-border transactions, leases and management of real estate. The RELAX Protocol has two native components, RELAX Pro and RELAX Life. These two components contain all the functions of a traditional real estate platform: listing, listing management, and contract management. At the same time, RELAX Pro assumes the role of a real estate leasing asset exchange platform, turning warehouse lease ownership, short-term lease operation right, long-term rental apartment management rights, new house pre-sale exclusive underwriting and house lease management rights into tradable assets, and contract information is immutable. RELAX can effectively liquidise the remnant assets of the real estate market. RLX is the token of RELAX PROTOCOL. The total supply of RLX Token issued is 500,000,000, which is mainly used for staking and consumption by various roles in the ecology. Participants in the ecology, including agencies and real estate operators, need to stake tokens to participate in intra-ecological transactions. RLX will be used for settlement of all ERC-1201 token transactions and the consumption of other services. RELAX PRO will provide a payment gateway role similar to ETH2DAI. In the future, RELAX will cooperate with more third-party payment partners. Such an economic model can ensure the continued market demand and continuous consumption of RELAX. At present, based on the RELAX Protocol, over 70 homes have completed on-chain and off-chain synchronous contract delivery (home settlement) in Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines, and over 400 homes have on-chain lease contract generation and management. This year RELAX will also launch an info platform for Southeast Asian overseas real estate buy/sell based on the RELAX protocol with Vietnamese partners.