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The Sharpe Platform we have created an environment where retail investors can generate fair income for their insights, whilst maintaining a reduced risk profile. Institutions leverage this data to increase their competitive edge in the market. SHP reserves a stake in the Sharpe tokenized economy, and payments to users for predictions depend on their stake. This enforces a degree of scarcity in our ecosystem, and further incentivises users to provide the best predictions they can. Sharpe Capital has developed a proprietary, automated quantitative trading algorithm driven by a hybrid machine learning and artificial intelligence model, bringing together microeconomic fundamentals, macroeconomic data, real-time world events, crowd-sourced market sentiment and NLP-driven linguistic analysis, into an overarching model capable of managing a robust, high alpha portfolio across various asset classes. Sharpe Capital will operate a proprietary investment fund operating much like an automated enhanced index fund to further generate revenue to support the SHP community economy. The Sharpe Financial Markets Protocol aims to describe a new gold standard for hedge fund management, leveraging blockchain technology to provide a low barrier to entry, continuous liquidity, anti-corruption protections, international access and optimal risk-adjusted returns. Our longer term goal, therefore, is to develop the Sharpe Crypto-Derivative (SCD) token, subject to necessary approvals. This first-inclass token creates the foundations for a solid link between blockchain assets and the global economy, and will ultimately provide possible payment of dividends to participants. Through our community governance structure, in which SHP holders have the right to table and vote on motions which guide the direction of Sharpe Capital, we ultimately aim to deliver a suite of investment products with various risk profiles and across multiple asset classes, including blockchain assets. The timeline for SCD issuance is Q1 2019. An independent crowd-sale will be held for the issuance of SCD tokens, from which 100% of the proceeds will be directly invested using our proprietary trading technology. Sharpe Capital is realizing similar ambitions with its own coin offering, raising money to support a new kind of fund that runs on market fundamentals and crowdsourced sentiment as well. The company adds a social component into an otherwise technical cryptocurrency market, allowing participants to predict the price of certain crypto assets, and receive Ether based on their accuracy and current holdings.