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The Super Wallet will be the entry point for users to enter the new virtual currency economy world. With 58wallet, users can link the entire world on their mobile phones: manage their identity, manage their assets, make mobile payments, invest in ICO and manage their money. SW coins are used in the system to facilitate value exchange and service provision. Within the platform of 58wallet, we use SW coins for pricing and payment. As a virtual currency, SW coins are easy to buy and pay on the mobile phone. Goods and services within the scope of the 58Wallet platform can be uniformly evaluated and priced using SW currency, which is convenient for consumers to compare prices, and is also conducive to the formation of a reasonable market price, ultimately forming a value ecosystem, and based on uniform pricing. On the basis of it, it becomes the means of payment for the internal system. Through the diversified and personalized functions provided by the mobile wallet client, it supports various payment, consumption, and transaction scenarios, enhances the user experience, and reduces payment costs.