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THBC (Time-Honored Brand Chain) is a public chain at the bottom of the block chain initiated by Singapore THBC Famous Brand Foundation, which focuses on data sharing, product anti-counterfeiting traceability and eco-financial system construction of global famous brand enterprises for one hundred years. It builds an economic ecology of commercial credit of old famous brand based on block chain, and builds a supply through block chain technology. Data services that are traceable, quantifiable and transparent should be chained.With the help of the technical characteristics of block chain, we can build enterprise product services including data storage, anti-counterfeiting traceability, enterprise investment and financing services. Through DAPP to build perfect community links, supporting SOLOMO mode will connect users to enterprises in real time, forming an innovative model of user-oriented industrial alliance. THBC (Time-Honored Brand Chain) ecology closely links the "block chain + brand + payment + consumption + community" model in a new way to form an unprecedented digital world application ecology. Make THBC (Time-Honored Brand Chain) ecosystem self-cycle, self-incubation, self-evolution, self-innovation, and continuously create new THBC (Time-Honored Brand Chain) value.