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Waver Platform shares the music that people created with themselves. Waver Coin is designed to create a system that can be rewarded for by the effort it makes. A long time ago, people wanted to copyright their creative music. There was no way to claim it as one's own. And most of all, there's no way to prove what kind of music was first. The Waver Platform said that people register their music, Make a record of the music you've signed up for. These records prove that you are the first person to create music. ​ In addition, if you post a work created by another person, If that proves to be true, there will be sanctions that will never be able to work as a musical creator again. It's all about sharing music. It's not only about creating a place to enjoy. It's a way to protect the makers of music. ​ Let's hope we can realize that very dream together in Waver.